[ExI] GM Mosquitos in FL (on purpose)

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Sun Aug 23 17:44:41 UTC 2020

It will be interesting to see if this scheme works as intended. I  
don't foresee any disasters, but I would not be surprised if the  
targeted mosquito species evolves defenses against this attempt at  
eradication. Even in life-forms as simple as mosquitoes, females can  
be rather finicky about who they mate with. If the genetic  
modification of the male mosquito changes any aspect of his courtship  
presentation such as the pitch of his "buzz" or his scent, the GM  
males might be rejected.

As an example, there is an ability that many species of insects, fish,  
and even large reptiles like Komodo dragons have called  
parthenogenesis. Basically if a female of one of these parthenogenic  
species can't find a male suitable to mate with, they will simply  
reproduce on their own either birthing or hatching clones of  
themselves. This way perfectly good females can wait several  
generations for the right man to come along. Human women could do the  
same thing given the right technology, training, and a good OB/Gyn.

Stuart LaForge

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