[ExI] Pandemic world changes

spike at rainier66.com spike at rainier66.com
Tue Aug 25 14:36:23 UTC 2020

Interesting article here:

August 23, 2020
The Triumph of Catastrophism. How Greta Thumberg Carried the Day

>>...Do you remember that weird girl from Sweden? Yes, the one with the
braided hair. What was her name? Greta ....

>...Yes, the world is changing beneath our feet, faster than we ever thought
possible.  BillK

I remember that girl!  With that passionate firey speech she came across
like a junior-league assistant axe murderer.

Thanks for that take on it BillK.  I live near an international airport and
definitely noticed the air traffic has dropped to about 10% of normal and
stayed there.

Regarding C-19 surge due to Sturgis, the data doesn't seem to have noticed
sick bikers coming home last week.  It shoulda by now.  If we somehow
discover the virus has mutated into an ordinary flu and people jump back on
those planes and resume their previous lives, the planet is in peril.


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