[ExI] Pandemic world changes

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 09:31:43 UTC 2020

Interesting article here:

August 23, 2020
The Triumph of Catastrophism. How Greta Thumberg Carried the Day

Do you remember that weird girl from Sweden? Yes, the one with the
braided hair. What was her name? Greta something.... It is strange
that so many people seemed to pay attention to what she was saying
about things like climate change. Why should anyone be worried by
that? Nobody cares about climate change anymore when there are much
more important matters at hand with the great pandemic sweeping the
world? And yet, strangely, nowadays people are doing exactly what
Greta had told them to do.

But things keep changing and I am now amazed to see that humans are
acting exactly as if they had listened to Greta Thunberg. Do you
remember? She said we shouldn't use the plane, that we should travel
less, use less energy, consume less. Exactly what's being done.

People are not flying anymore so much, they stopped most of their long
distance traveling, the mass migration called "international tourism"
seems to have disappeared for good. Some of the most polluting
manufacturing operations are slowing down, and with that the
exploitation of natural resources. The shale oil industry is dead and
the whole extractive industry is going down the drain, too. Humans
seem to have largely abandoned their beloved ritual of daily commuting.

It is incredible: people would be howling their displeasure all the
way to the moon if they had been asked to fly less for the benefit of
the ecosystem and themselves, but now they are meekly doing exactly
that out of fear of the coronavirus.

Yes, the world is changing beneath our feet, faster than we ever
thought possible.


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