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> * > Even if it's all predetermined - even if, say, reality is strong
> superdetermination - what did that predetermination?  That is the "you"
> that is making your choices, in that case. *

Yes, and if that something made the decision it did for a reason then it's
a cuckoo clock, and if that something made the decision it did for no
reason then it's a roulette wheel.

*> Also, there do appear to be some truly random aspects to the universe,
> such as the precise timing of atomic decay.  There could be a free will
> behind those,*

That makes no sense. If there's ANYTHING behind the decision then it's not
random. Random means an effect without a cause.

> *> This gets to the warehousing of criminals, if criminals are most likely
> to repeat offend right after they have done crimes and less likely to if
> forced to cool off in jail for a time.  Also, ideally the criminals can be
> offered opportunities to learn new skills*

The best weapon against crime is just time, people usually tend to get less
violent as they get older.

 John K Clark

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