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>…The law is highly important and of course I didn't have to tell you that.  But morality calls upon higher laws at times, and what's in the legal code is irrelevant…bill w


Hi BillW


Do let us run with that ball, shall we?


What if one is an atheist.  What is the Higher Law then?  Does every atheist get to create her own?


Suppose a guy is protesting your church and causing believers to fall away and apostatize.  Is it a time to break the law in order to destroy that guy, calling up Higher Law?  If morality demands it, is it OK to use phony evidence in court?  Is the legal code irrelevant?


Or suppose your Higher Law clearly says to slay the infidel.  This is illegal of course, but right there it is, clearly stated in the Holy Book, rocks calling out there is a Jew hiding behind me, slay him.  What if that constitutes Higher Law for the fidel?


Everybody OK with that?  


I’m not.



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