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> What if one is an atheist.  What is the Higher Law then?

Do The Right Thing. My guiding principle is non-aggression: violence only
in reaction to violence.

Does every atheist get to create her own?

Effectively. We have to make decisions that we can live with, We don't have
a God to which we can assign responsibility for our actions.

Suppose a guy is protesting your church and causing believers to fall away
> and apostatize.

Our atheist church? Or are you off atheists now?

Is it a time to break the law in order to destroy that guy, calling up
> Higher Law?  If morality demands it, is it OK to use phony evidence in
> court?

Potentially, depending upon one's beliefs. I certainly wouldn't destroy
people just for protesting my beliefs. Phony evidence? Possibly, but the
burden of proof to convince me it's the right thing to do is very high.

> Is the legal code irrelevant?

Sure: it's the law of the land. If one violates it, one must expect

> Or suppose your Higher Law clearly says to slay the infidel.  This is
> illegal of course, but right there it is, clearly stated in the Holy Book,
> rocks calling out there is a Jew hiding behind me, slay him.  What if that
> constitutes Higher Law for the fidel?

Then you face the consequences.

> Everybody OK with that?
> I’m not.

I am. What's the alternative? Outlaw religion? It'd just go underground.

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