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It is called memory consolidation.
Sleep is fundamental in this process.
Every day the brain makes decisions on what to keep and what to throw away.
It is a huge field of research. Recently they even shown single spines in
the neurons being erased after sleep. Some new spines are created and some
Sleep is both about remembering recent memories and make them stronger (and
one of the criterias is that something is repeated over and over has to be
important so brain should keep it) and erasing old memories that are not
The real estate in the brain is extremely precious so the brain needs to
erase old, unused memories to make space for new ones.
This is exactly my area of research and we even developed a device to
reinforce memories that are acquired during the day.
I have a patent in this area.

you can also listen to this podcast:



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> Does anyone know why it is that pro athletes and, just for another
> example, classically trained musicians need to practice so much?
> My violinist friend said:  "If I don't practice today, I know it.  If I
> don't practice tomorrow, you'll know it.  If I don't practice the next day,
> everyone will know it."
> Could it be that rarely practiced skills representing certain brain areas
> get taken over by new concerns?  I have no clue.
> bill w
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