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 I am very surprised this escaped my attention for four years:


 I have been thinking about this sorta thing most of my life, then it quietly starts up nearby, four years ago, now up to 100 prole working there, with jillionaire backing, and I only hear about it today.

 Any Neuralink hipsters among us?


>…I would've applied to work there a while ago, if I wasn't focused on CubeCab. 



Ha!  That’s a flimsy excuse!  I can outdo it easily: I would’ve applied to work there a while ago, but was too busy not being smart enough!


Oh wait… let’s see.  I was…um… too busy… with… volunteer work!  Ja that’s the ticket.  School volunteering, scouts, community service, that sorta thing, yep.


Ah hell, no one is buying that.  I am far too not smart enough to do that kinda work by about pi orders of magnitude.  But I can sure cheer for Elon.  He has already done so much I admire, if I see him I will totally hug that man (in a totally sideways across the shoulders guy hug of course (but ya gotta love what his company did for this area (he is a well-loved figure around here.)))


Adrian, stay on it, me lad.  If you can make CubeSat go, it will be wicked cool (and you can toss me down a sack of money from up there on top of your pile.)



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