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Hey check this.  Some viewers may find this disturbing. 




.but other viewers will get a hell of an idea.


Ok this is a three-yr old child accidentally getting entangled in the tail
of a kite, and we see what happened but what if. we were to do something
like this kinda with a good sturdy bungee shock-corded parachute harness and
let paying adult customers ride a scaled up version of this rig


It could be done over water (I don't know how else to prevent injury or
serious death given uncontrolled flight and subsequent high speed collision
with turf (ideas?))  Contact with water would hurt, but I would think could
be made safe enough, helmet, protective clothing with inherent flotation,
etc, and would further establish the manly courage of the customer.


So we offer indestructible young adventurers the opportunity (for a modestly
outrageous fee)  to ride the tail of a kite over the lake for a whippy
chaotic total E-ticket ride (sign this paper releasing all liability and
proving insanity (good luck Junior!))


Big money to be made in recreational danger, less risky than rock climbing
but more intense in its way.



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