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Subject: young men paying for some tail




Hey check this.  Some viewers may find this disturbing. 




.but other viewers will get a hell of an idea.


>.Ok this is a three-yr old child accidentally getting entangled in the tail
of a kite, and we see what happened but what if. we were to do something
like this kinda with a good sturdy bungee shock-corded parachute harness and
let paying adult customers ride a scaled up version of this rig



OK enough silliness about recreational danger and making money off it.


(Kidding of course (there is never enough silliness (and never enough making
money off of it (for any reason (lack of money is the root of all evil.)))))


As I really ponder that whole story with the kid in the kite tail, I begin
to think the video or the story is fake.  Reasoning: they didn't offer much
detail but made it sound like a long kite tail dropped down into the
spectators and somehow grabbed up a child.  But I think something isn't
right.  You could drop a rope or string or whatever you want down into a
crowd and that rope would never somehow get entangled in the clothing or by
any other means onto anyone.  


Reasoning: if someone drops a rescue line down to a stranded climber, it
takes really knowing what one is doing to intentionally tie that rope
securely.  I am having trouble picturing any believable scenario where a
rope or anything could drop down and accidentally entangle a child securely.
I think the Guardian has pulled a gag on us.


Dang those British jokers.  They have been messing with our heads ever since
that little 1776 misunderstanding.  Great fake video however.



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