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Current ground zero results:

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) -The City of Sturgis conducted mass COVID testing for its citizens… announcing the results.
Sturgis city manager Daniel Ainslie says the rate of confirmed cases is lower than what many people anticipated.

”We’re very happy that our mitigation efforts seem to have worked and that there was very little spread into numerous businesses in our count, and there’s very little spread among our employees in whole, which is very good news,” Ainslie says.

This mass testing is just one of the measures in place to prevent further spread -- and the City says they will continue to maintain all their current protocols.






Cool thanks Dylan.


This is a particularly interesting case.  The testing was done not during the rally but after the fact and applied to the people who live in Sturgis: gave them free testing.  Stugis is a small town swamped by bikers the first week of August every year, so small town, half a million proles rumble in, no point in protesting it or trying to stop them, because that little town is famous because of that annual rally.  


That little town makes its living off of that one biker week, serving food, dogs and burgers, selling trinkets, T-shirts, anything they can think of, selling beer from an ice cream cart (calling out, Popsicles!  Ice cream cones!  Buuuudweiser!  (sure it is illegal (but this is STURGIS (who’s gonna stop em, the city cops?)))))  Sturgis makes enough money in one week to buy their own Harley.  They struggle by until next summer.


OK, so the case load from Sturgis is lower than anticipated, and the anticipated rate was derived from… the local community college!


Think about that.


I will stop there and invite commentary.  I follow Sturgis.  Those are some of my friends up there.  I was one who suggested calling off our club rally this year, live to ride another day.  I cancelled.  They went.  No one got sick that we know of.  Our rally was two weeks after the main event, so we aren’t out of the woods yet.



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