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Eh, I still hear of cases of such reluctance justified as essentially holy
canon.  But the studios are certainly more open to it now than when the
original series of Star Trek was made.

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> They're pretty much over that. Most networks seem pretty comfortable with
> season-long plot arcs, at least as long as the ratings stay up. Parks and
> Rec, Good Place, The Office, Homeland, etc.
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>>> "Ja, right Spock!  Remember that time you got horny?  That whole ponn
>>> farr episode wasn't exactly a picnic for us illogical humans either.  Being
>>> nearly killed by my own first officer was an irritant too, ya pointy eared
>>> hobgoblin!"  Kirk
>>> Well that's what Kirk woulda said if they let me write those scripts.
>> But any reference (even a self-contained, self-explained one like this)
>> to another episode will hopelessly confuse viewers who may not have seen or
>> might not remember other episodes, or so most studios take as holy canon.
>> :P
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