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"Ja, right Spock!  Remember that time you got horny?  That whole ponn farr episode wasn't exactly a picnic for us illogical humans either.  Being nearly killed by my own first officer was an irritant too, ya pointy eared hobgoblin!"  Kirk

Well that's what Kirk woulda said if they let me write those scripts.


>…But any reference (even a self-contained, self-explained one like this) to another episode will hopelessly confuse viewers who may not have seen or might not remember other episodes, or so most studios take as holy canon.  :P 







Ja you are right.  I kinda miss the early days of the internet in that way.  Back in the 80s, any reference to ponn farr would be instantly understood, since most of the people on the internet back in those days had seen every episode.


Furthermore, plenty of college girls were claiming it was ponn farr that motivated their behavior that night.  They couldn’t help it.  Instinct took over.


Let’s do an informal survey.  Younger people here (under 40 crowd) do you know what that reference was?  Older ones here too, do you remember that episode?  Keith I already know you do, and of course plenty of us here remember it well.


If you Googled after I mentioned ponn farr, had you heard of it before that?  And had you ever seen that Amok Time, season 2, episode 1?  That was some of Nemoy’s best work.



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