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Hi Stathis,

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> And the reason is that if you repeat it back you seem to agree, but then
> later disagree. It would help if you clearly said something like “there can
> be a change in qualia without a change in behaviour”. (And I have defined
> behaviour: it is everything that can be observed, including speech, and not
> just strawberry-picking ability).

If you were listening to me, and repeating back to me what I've been trying
to say, instead of incorrectly saying what I've never said: “there can be a
change in qualia without a change in behaviour”, you would acknowledge that
I'm trying to say something closer to qualia and qualia behavior are the
same thing.  If the behavior isn't changing, and qualia are changing, that
changing qualia must be some place else.  And if you substitute all
behavior (or function or magic or anything), with something that is
different, and the qualia never change, qualia are impossible, or at best
not approachable via science.
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