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> A galaxy can run short of material for new star formation as XMM-2599 did,
> which after a few tens of billions of years results in insufficient heavy
> element formation to sustain all known life-forms.  This is a clear
> existential risk: it could halt humanity’s expansion throughout the
> universe within the next 100 billion years.  Oh mercy, bad news indeed.
> When we are suddenly confronted with such devastating news, it causes us
> to get a fresh perspective on the petty stuff that we can’t do anything
> about and really just doesn’t matter much, such as newly-evolved diseases
> and the usual mainstream media barrage of sound and fury, signifying
> nothing.

That really doesn't matter unless humanity (including its descendants) can
even survive 1 billion years, which some doubt.  More importantly, by the
time we have survived that long, who's to say whether we'll still need
heavy elements - and won't have other ways to make them?
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