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*> Have you read what Will sent before drawing that conclusion?  We're not
> talking about a de novo virus, but rather a potential human generated
> insert. *

OK, I still think it's very unlikely....but perhaps not quite as unlikely
as I originally thought.

In a related matter, one of the heroes of the story was a doctor at Wuhan
City Central Hospital named Li Wenliang. On December 30 2019 he wrote a
post on Chinese social media expressing his concerns about a new disease
showing up in his hospital unlike any he had seen before and saying a
quarantine might be necessary. Doctor Li was arrested for "spreading false
rumors" and forced to sign a confession and to say there was nothing to
worry about.  After 3 days he was released and he immediately went back to
social media and renounced his confession and explained what had happened
to him. He probably would have been arrested again but then he got sick, he
started to show symptoms of Wuhan. Doctor Li Wenliang died today of the
Wuhan coronavirus at the hospital where he worked.

John K Clark
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