[ExI] Dodged the bullet maybe

Will Steinberg steinberg.will at gmail.com
Fri Feb 7 17:59:08 UTC 2020

I don't really like the guy, and yeah he is biased.  I'm trying to just
look at his figures though.  I'd like to look at bootstrap values for
similar proposed recombination events and compare.  76 is pretty bad imo
but it is worth looking into more.  What also seemed odd is how 'clean' the
insert is.

What initially gave me pause is that China's new and only BSL-4 lab is in
Wuhan, 8 miles from the purported outbreak site.  They studied SARS there
and there was definitely noise from the Western scientific establishment
when the lab opened regarding the potential for pathogens to escape, which
is not unprecedented re: SARS/China.  China also does do human
experimentation, though that's not the only viral escape scenario that
would work.

It's more about combining the science with circumstantial evidence here.
Of course if we look at a virus that recombined and became able to infect
humans, we are going to see pieces of the genome that are responsible for
the ability to affect humans.  But given the low bootstrap values, clean
insert, statistically strange very close proximity to lab studying SARS,
human/unethical experimentation in China, and China's predilection for
coverups and delayed crisis response (in favor of said coverups,) I think
an alternative scenario is certainly worth exploring.
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