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Ooops, sorry.  I was going back trying to clean that up, make it less
emotional, and less rude, but I accidentally hit the send button.

On Wed, Feb 12, 2020 at 7:28 PM Brent Allsop <brent.allsop at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Stathis,
>> I do have visual qualia though I can’t prove it to you, you’ll just have
>> to believe me. But for all I know, someone may have replaced my brain with
>> a computer last night while I was sleeping. The fact that I still have
>> visual qualia today does not preclude that possibility.
> Why do you guys always ignore what i'm trying to say and don't even come
> close to answer a simple question: "What is it that is red, what is it that
> is green?"
> Why are you ignoring the fact that nobody knows that.
> Another thing I keep trying to say, which you completely ignore, or show
> any evidence that you understand in any wa
> :  Once we stop being qualia blind, we'll discover what it is that has a
> redness quality, and this will give us dictionary telling us the color,
> some of our abstract descriptions in the brain are describing.  Once they
> do this, this will falsify all but THE ONE camp that cant be falsified
> amongst the many sub camps to representational qualia theory.  Only then
> will people finally realize the real physical colors of things.  People
> will look back on discussions like this, the terrible effect papers like
> Chalmer's "fading dancing absent" qualia and how sending people down that
> rat hole completely distracted the science away from the real problem.
> Having this dictionary will tell us what color things are, but only in the
> 1. week form.  Everyone will need to assume that something like glutamate
> has the same redness quality in my brain, as it does in your brain.  There
> will surely be doubters, despite all the powerful objective evidence that
> proves exactly what redness is, how it is different from greenness, and who
> does and does not have red/green inverted qualia and so on.
> Another thing I keep trying to point out, which you guys completely ignore
> is there will also be the 2. stronger 3. strongest forms of effing the
> ineffable once we start hacking brians, where we connect our brains with 3
> millions neurons, so we can directly experience the actual physical colors
> in other's brains, the same way the physical knowledge in our left
> hemisphere is directly computationally bound to the physical knowledge in
> our right.  It will be a bit disorienting, if your partner has inverted red
> green qualia - but you will know such things as absolutely as "I think
> therefore I am"
> Oh, and I also mentioned, but you guys probably also didn't notice, this
> will falsify solipsism, proving the existence of not only other conscious
> minds, but that there really is an external world, and we aren't jsut some
> kind of brain in a vat.
> But then, all these are just my predictions.  You guys really know what it
> will be like to be uploaded, and how we will know if that upload is
> anything like the real you... right????
> And it's up to the experimentalists.  After all, if the falsify all
> possible physics as something that could have a redness quality, then this
> would prove that it must be some type of new physics, or maybe eve qualia
> are "spiritual" ghostly qualities in some neither world as predicting in
> substance dualism.
> But my prediction is that substance dualism and solipsis are far more
> likely than the current popular consensus that "The supervening qualities
> are the result of the ones and zeroes"  And once people start discovering
> what color things really are, and how different they are from
> abstract arbitrary ones and zeros, which are intentionally designed to be
> abstracted away from any physical qualities (i.e. require a dictionary to
> know what they mean)
> And THAT is why I created canonizer.  So when this happens, I can point to
> who was in the right camp, first, and how mistaken others were.
> But, again, you guys believe completely differently, so we'll just have to
> wait for the experimentalists to discover what it is that really is red.
> I'll bet any amount of money, at any odds, that functionalists camps will
> be the first to be experimentally falsified, once experimentalists stop
> being qualia blind.
> Anyone care to put any money, where their mouth is?  I doubt it.  You guys
> aren't even brave enough to join a camp at Canonizer.com.
> OK, sorry for the emotional rant.  Please forgive me.  I couldn't help it.
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