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> Therefore, if God or any other omniscient being exists, then such a
> being cannot be conscious because consciousness is about finding
> meaning in events that are unfolding over TIME in an unexpected way.
> In other words, if someone lights you on fire and you do not move to
> extinguish the flames, then you are probably not conscious.
This still depends on how you view omniscience.  I imagine the entire span
of realities sort of like a library (cf. Borges' "The Library of Babel").
The existence of all these realities, and all the consciousness within them
operating and discovering, constitutes the knowledge base of God.  For
example, God only knows about this email right here because I am writing it
right now, at these reality coordinates.

I see no possible manner by which summing all conscious events in reality
could lead to something that was not conscious.  The knowledge of God does
not reside in some nebulous heaven but rather is distributed over the
entirety of creation/destruction.
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