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> *> The existence of all these realities, and all the consciousness within
> them operating and discovering, constitutes the knowledge base of God.  For
> example, God only knows about this email right here because I am writing it
> right now, at these reality coordinates.*

So God experiences time just like we do and can't know the future because
God's mind works at a finite speed, thus by the time He finishes
calculating what the future will be (I'm assuming the universe is
deterministic for argument's sake) it's not the future anymore. The
inability to know the future seems like a rather significant flaw for a
omniscient being to have, although it would allow God to have free will
because the only definition of the term I've ever heard that was not
circular or gibberish is "the inability to always know what you're going to
do before you do it".

And if the speed of God's mind is finite He can't have knowledge of all of
the past either, it will take Him time to remember it or calculate it from
the present and by the time He's finished more of the past would have been
created. That sort of God would only know the present.

John K Clark
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