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>> I still don't know what "computationally bound" means
> *> This has to do with the so called "binding problem
> <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binding_problem>".   Or more specifically
> what that wikipedia article refers to as "BP2" [composite] added by me:
> "There is the combination problem: the problem of how objects, background
> and abstract or emotional features are combined into a single [composite]
> experience."*

I don't see the problem. Computer programs are computational and they have
no problem reacting to numerous different types of inputs in a unified way.
And I think emotions are easy but intelligence is hard, Evolution thought
so too. Emotional behavior like fear has been around since multicellular
creatures appeared at least 600 million years ago, but Evolution only
figured out how to produce the sort of intelligence that makes humans
fundamentally different from the other animals a few hundred thousand years

John K Clark
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