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*> It's not about evolution *

It's all about Evolution! If what you say about consciousness is correct
then Evolution would have never produced it, and yet I know for a fact that
it did at least once.

*> The reason you are not aware of information in the subconscious (or
> anywhere else outside of what you are consciously aware of), is because it
> is not "bound" into your awareness,*

No great mystery there. Information processing is expensive in both time
and energy so you can't think deeply about everything you see and hear.
Most things can safely be ignored and for some problems, such as figuring
out what to do when you touch a hot stove, speed is essential and the
solution is obvious so fast stupid reflexes is all that's needed to get the
job done. But some things require much more thought (aka data processing)
and those are the things you're aware of; for example figuring out how to
turn a flint rock into a spear point so you can kill a woolly mammoth and
feed your family, those who were smart enough to figure this out got their
genes passed onto the next generation, and those that were not smart enough
didn't. It's all about Evolution.

John K Clark
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