[ExI] Possible seat of consciousness found

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Some of the things I post are just opinions, but opinions based on a long
history of reading psychology and the relevant research.  Some are just
opinions based on common sense or something.  I suppose I could start
citing research to validate my based opinions, but I just don't have time
for it. Believe them or not.  I certainly am not going to start arguing
Psych 101 psychology with anyone.

And I certainly do not want to patronize people who don't have the
background and knowledge that I have.  I would say that if you want to know
something you could ask me, but this doesn't seem to be that kind of
crowd.  I am guilty of talking about some things that I have little
knowledge of, but I am not the only one.   And I enjoy being corrected.
bill w

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> >“*As long as the 'behavior' remains the same the subjectivity must also
>> remain the same.*”
>> *This is false - clearly.  *
> It may indeed be false, but it isn't clearly false, it isn't even clear
> that subjectivity exists except in me.
>> > *The taste of something fades as you eat more and more of it. *
> And that surmise about subjectivity is consistent with the observation
> that people eventually stop eating, but does not prove it.
> John K Clark
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