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*> When these numbers came out, it surprised me in a way.  The mortality
> rates for COVID-19 don’t look all that different from previous emergent
> viruses:*
> https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/coronavirus-age-sex-demographics/

The common garden variety flu only has a mortality rate of .1% and yet last
year it killed 80,000 people in the USA alone, and CORVID-19 seems to be
more infectious than the flu. So I have some concerns, and Mike Pence being
put in charge of stopping the pandemic does not exactly fill me with
confidence given his bungling of another pandemic, Aids, when he was
governor of Indiana; and his insistence that smoking doesn't cause cancer
does not change my belief that his understanding of medical issues may be
somewhat limited.

But maybe it will all be OK, recent Presidential Medal of Freedom winner
Rush Limbaugh assures us that CORVID-19 is really just the common cold. And
the President tweeted it's all just a plot by the liberal media to get us
to panic over the Coronavirus so a Democrat will get elected. He misspelled

John K Clark
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