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> When these numbers came out, it surprised me in a way.  The mortality rates for COVID-19 don’t look all that different from previous emergent viruses:


>…The common garden variety flu only has a mortality rate of .1% and yet last year it killed 80,000 people in the USA alone, and CORVID-19 seems to be more infectious than the flu…


The common flu is not an emergent virus.


>…So I have some concerns, and Mike Pence being put in charge… John K Clark



Sure.  The lesson here is that governments do not stop diseases.  The medical community does.  Viruses don’t care about our laws.


We see what happens to science when it gets politicized.  Note the state of astronomy today, and compare it to the scientific chaos which is climate science.  Until someone figures out a political angle to astronomy, we enjoy great progress, learning new and cool stuff every day.







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