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> We see what happens to science when it gets politicized.  Note the state
> of astronomy today, and compare it to the scientific chaos which is climate
> science.  Until someone figures out a political angle to astronomy, we
> enjoy great progress, learning new and cool stuff every day.

The political angle to climate science is a commercial angle: kickbacks
from operators of coal mines and other things that would be scaled back and
face less customer demand if climate science was more fully accepted.

I predict similar for space anything.  Consider if space solar power were
available and near-economically competitive with electricity from coal.
What an astroturfed howl there would be over the "inevitable" "accidents"
if the microwaved energy downlink were to go off-target and fry cities
instead of being captured and converted as deigned, even if that never
actually happens (or at least, never outside of sabotage) and even if there
would be no damage if it did.
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