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Looks good to me.  If you are interested in CRISPR and other gene research
this seems to be a good tool   bill w

*Innovation vs Biotechnology Rejectionism* *We Need Your Help to Win the
Science Wars*

The Genetic Literacy Project has just rolled out an interactive *Global
Gene Editing Regulatory Tracker and Index*
These groundbreaking tools monitor which countries incentivize the use of
CRISPR and New Breeding Techniques that could help develop medical
treatments, address diseases at the embryonic level, curb pest-driven
diseases like malaria and Zika, and dramatically increase farm yields and
sustainability. As readers and supporters of the GLP, you helped bring this
resource to life…and we need your continued support to advance our work.

Click on the panel to explore:

Our CRISPR tracker allows everyone, from reporters and regulators to
scientists and activists, to review the evolving regulatory status of gene
editing in medicine, agriculture and gene drive pest control,
country-to-country. The accompanying “innovation index" compares which
countries' regulations are most flexible. We also make it clear that fewer
regulations are not always better; for example, gene drives are
controversial and pose unique ethical and scientific challenges. Our goal
at the GLP is not advocacy but transparency: “Science Not Ideology”.

Outside reviews of our tracker are coming in. Among many: Atlantic Council
Senior Fellow Jamie Metzl calls the project an “unparalleled resource” for
the World Health Organization advisory committee on human gene editing. The
Swedish Gene Technology Advisory Board says these tools will be used across
Europe. The Gates Foundation alerted its science network of this new
breakthrough tool. And the National Institutes of Health is exploring a
partnership with the GLP to enable the responsible use of gene drive

*Please review the tracker and index. Send us an email with your thoughts.
Is this helpful? If you love it (or don’t!), tell us. What can we do to
make it more transparent and more useful—to you.*

Now, the hard reality. This project has required a tremendous commitment of
financial resources and human capital. We have a tiny full-time staff of
three people plus a handful of dedicated part-timers. We’ve had to tighten
our belt on projects to make the tracker a reality. To continue to monitor
and expose those who are undermining biotech innovation and roll out
additional resources, we need you to pitch in.

We depend on relatively small contributions to survive, averaging about
$19.44. But 96% of our 50,000+ readers each day do not give. In other
words, we need your support. Donate $50, $100, $500 or whatever you can
afford…even if it’s $2.50, the cost of a cup of coffee. Consider a
scheduled donation every month. Just click on the appropriate button below.
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Please…don't just move on from this email. We need your support to deliver
one-of-a-kind resources and our daily analysis of the ethical and
scientific questions surrounding biotechnology. If everyone reading our
site gave $3/month, the GLP would thrive for years. We are worth a cup of
Sustainably yours,
*Jon Entine, Executive Director*

For questions, please send your email to Jon Entine, Executive Director, at
jonentine at geneticliteracyproject.org
<jonentine at geneticliteracyproject.org?subject=Regarding%20Giving%20Wednesday>

*Your support is tax deductible. The Genetic Literacy Project is a
non-profit arm of the 501(c)(3) Science Literacy Project.*
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