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It's clear cut if they die after electoral votes are counted but before
swear in.  The VP elect becomes POTUS under Section 3 of the 20th Amendment.

Prior to that point, it is not clear cut, meaning the Constitution is quiet
on it.  It all depends on if it's ruled that they are President Elect.  If
so, VP elect takes it.  Otherwise it probably ends up in the courts.

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> On a unrelated matter (well... maybe not entirely unrelated) are there any
> constitutional scholars out there? What happens if a presidential candidate
> dies after being nominated but before the election, or dies after winning
> the election but before being sworn in? I ask because Bernie Sanders,
> Donald Trump, Mike Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden are all in
> their 70's, most of them their late 70's.
> John K Clark
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