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*> I don’t think current conditions will lead to an immediate breakdown of
> the national political system.*

That depends on how extensive the infection is and that is a big unknown
due to the irresponsibly slow response by the government in making DNA
Corvid-19 testing kits. South Korea, a country with one seventh the
population of the USA, has tested 66,652 of its people and found 1766
confirmed cases. The USA has 60 confirmed cases (not 15 as the President
said in his press conference) but due to the severe shortage of test kits
to this day only 445 Americans have ever been tested, the city of Hong Kong
tests 1000 of its citizens every day. Only about a dozen state and local
health departments in the USA have any testing kits at all and are so rare
they must be carefully rationed, California with a population of 40 million
only has 200 kits. Meanwhile South Korea manufactures thousands of kits a
day because they took this pandemic seriously from day one.

 John K Clark
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