[ExI] Is IQ composed of different skills?

Bill Hibbard hibbard at wisc.edu
Wed Jan 1 13:45:56 UTC 2020

The idea that intelligence is composed of different skills
seems relevant when we are comparing humans with AI.

An AI can directly observe billions of humans and search
for patterns in those observations that are hopelessly
beyond human ability. This issue doesn't come up when
comparing the intelligence of different humans. We may
not think of "big data" skills as intelligent, but they
do make AI effective in the world.

As a more extreme example, we may not think of genetic
natural selection as intelligent, but it had the skill to
create humans. And human social processes have skills
beyond any individual human.

Even between humans I am a little skeptical, ever since
I had a girlfriend (decades ago) who wasn't good at math
but could read people very well.

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