[ExI] Molecular Materialism

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>> Here is where my new physics that I call Synergic Systems Theory comes 
>> in: As the number of components of a system increases, more of the 
>> information about the system is embodied by the relationships between 
>> components than by the components themselves. Those relationships 
>> readily change in complex systems thereby providing a plethora of 
>> microstates that can, and are, used for computation.
> Have you published anything on this yet?

No, I have not. I am so far outside of academic circles that I am not  
sure what my option of venues to publish in were so I have been aiming  
for writing a popular science book which I am nowhere near finished  

> I was thinking this today.  Specifically,  where do thoughts cover  
> from? And idea of surplus precision or unobserved interactions could  
> act as generators for information that influence larger parts of the  
> network...
> You probably have collected various examples already if you've been  
> thinking of it for a while?

Yes, I have and also derived math that connects the examples into a  
coherent theory. If you have been working on this topic too, then I am  
open to collaboration and coauthoring. Especially if you are  
affiliated with a university or something, that would be a big help in  
getting it published.

Stuart LaForge

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