[ExI] AI and its implications for socialism

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> It seems to me that there are two kinds of socialism:  one where the
> government runs the economy (which seems to be disastrous in every case),
> and one where they don't (which is what all first world countries have).

So the US gov't doesn't "run the economy"?

Correct me if I am wrong. The second kind is where people tax themselves so
> they can have streets paved, police and fire protection, a military, and so
> on.  No harm here, it seems.

Yeah, no harm at all, if you ignore all the harm done by our government.
We've been at war somewhere continually since 2000 and most of the years
before that. The gov't has run up $23 trillion of debt. We've spent
billions on the War on Drugs creating a vast black market that kills
thousands of people and incarcerates tens of thousands. We're separating
families at the border and mistreating those we've incarcerated. This list
goes on and on.

If AI pushes some radiologists out of work, just how is that socialism?  We
> have unemployment benefits now, though not of the kind we will need when
> millions are out of work.

That's what John is talking about, I believe.

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