[ExI] AI and its implications for socialism

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> It seems to me that there are two kinds of socialism:  one where the
> government runs the economy (which seems to be disastrous in every case),
> and one where they don't (which is what all first world countries have). Correct
> me if I am wrong. The second kind is where people tax themselves so they
> can have streets paved, police and fire protection, a military, and so on.

I think in just a few years robots and AIs will BE the economy, and
everyone will receive a guaranteed income sufficient to have a upper middle
class lifestyle even if they do nothing but sit on their ass. Yes I know,
that strikes a lot of people with libertarian tendencies as just plain
wrong, me too, but I don't see any alternative if the entire human social
structure is not to collapse into bloody chaos.

> If AI pushes some radiologists out of work,

It's not just radiologists! Whatever your job is it's only a matter of
time, and it's now looking like not a lot of time, before a machine can do
your job better than you can.

> > just how is that socialism?

Permanent unemployment is not socialism, it's the only way prevent blood in
the streets.

> We have unemployment benefits now, though not of the kind we will need
> when millions are out of work.

Indeed. What I'm talking about is permanent unemployment benefits on

 John K Clark
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