[ExI] Book review - Hate Inc. Why Today’s Media Makes Us Despise One Another by Matt Taibbi

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can still teach us something useful and interesting, such as historical
fiction.  spike

Are you talking about something like Downtown Abbey?  My wife loved it.
bill w

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> Subject: [ExI] Book review - Hate Inc. Why Today’s Media Makes Us Despise
> One Another by Matt Taibbi
> >...As this book is very critical of the mass media it is difficult to
> find a good review from mass media sources. What a surprise!
> Try :
> https://www.eastvillagemagazine.org/2019/12/07/review-hatred-inc-and-why-we-hate-cast-light-on-todays-quagmires/
> Quotes:
> >...The “Ten Rules of Hate”
> “So long as the public is busy hating each other and not aiming its ire at
> the more complex financial and political processes going on off-camera,
> there’s very little danger of anything like a a popular uprising...
> >...but the most common thread is money and control.  Hate, it turns out,
> pays off big time.
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> BillK
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> BillK, I have been long pondering the best way to cash in on this, make
> buttloads of money, rule the world and so forth.  I have an idea, inspired
> by a birthday party I attended yesterday for a longtime friend who just
> turned 60.  She and I were friends in college, she was my bride's roommate.
> We are not particularly religious in our old age, but we were at one
> time.  All of us who attended (all either already 60 yrs or are approaching
> it) are feeling a kind of cultural alienation.  We do not understand rap
> and hip hop.  We do not like mainstream Hollywood movies, but at that
> party, the birthday girl received several videos of a genre in which
> Hollyweird takes little interest.  There are no helicopter chases, no one
> is murdered, there is no crime, it's really all just talking heads, the
> kind of stuff people under 30 would wonder when something was going to
> happen.
> There is a genre of its own: Hallmark movies.  Oh ick, mercy, those things
> are so icky sweet ya just want to barf, but think about it: we could create
> a genre that has no shoot em ups, no CGI, doesn't really require big name
> thespians, doesn't cram society's problems into our faces constantly, but
> can still teach us something useful and interesting, such as historical
> fiction.  If we can make those kinds of scripts and keep the cost of
> production down, we could make a buttload off of people like me.  We are
> legion, I tells ya!  We don't want to see movies about hate.  We don't want
> the usual garbage that the next generation seems to devour so eagerly (why
> I don't know.)
> Perhaps what I am thinking about is more movies like Chariots of Fire (oh
> that one is so good.)  And The Truman Show.
> Next... we could come up with a news channel that was a bit more upbeat,
> not so focused on politics, perhaps a business-oriented slant where they
> talk about stuff like the rise of Apple, or Tesla or something, a kind of
> fun upbeat sympathetic documentary.  Hell we might even get Elon to pay for
> it.  It wouldn't be hate.  It would be in many ways the opposite of hate.
> We could create Like Media.  It causes one to come away feeling good about
> our world, and this has a special meaning for me, because I do feel good
> about our times.  I know the mainstream media bombards us with constant
> negative messages, because it sells, but I think positive messages can find
> a market too, perhaps an even bigger one.  Oh I could go totally Simon bar
> Sinister and rule the world.
> spike
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