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Sat Jan 4 19:02:08 UTC 2020

Wait, what?

 “Everyone we know is Dead.”?

“You just don’t get it!”?

“I’m going stir crazy.”?

"I don't have any real friends?"

Didn’t they forget the “still”, as in “Everyone we know is still dead”?

“Museums?  With original pianos?”

There will be approaching atomic level history stored.  We’ll be able to
literally recreate and live every single point and location in history,
exactly as it was, any time we want.  We’ll be running simulations to see
how things would have turned out different, had we made different decisions
and so on and so on.

There will be hundreds, if not thousands of people, who literally would not
exist if it were not for the life we (and all our ancestors) lived.  This
will especially be true if you had 3 children, as they did, who had 3
children, who had 3 children…..

They will all be worshipping the very few of us in comparison, (paying us
back, with interest) as they welcome us, back into the still exponentially
growing world of the living filling the galaxy.  And of course, the top
thing on the list of priorities, before they go to Satterun and stuff like
that will be fixing things like the “still dead” loved ones.  We won’t be
going “stir crazy.”

Oh, and we’ll only be resurrected into that kind of primitive body we died
with for continuity reasons.  We’ll soon after that be uploaded.  Once
uploaded, we won’t be in that primitive body, trapped inside that
restaurant bottle required to protect that primitive body from space, as we
view the rings of Saturn.  We’ll have bodies specifically designed to
thrive and travel in space, directly experiencing those rings, and
everything else.  In other words, we won’t need space suits….  Trying to go
to space before we achieve that is just bass ackwards.

In case you haven’t read this yet, I think it’s going to be much more like
I’ve described in this “1229 years after Titanic
fan fiction.

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>> *> An excellent short film about a couple who are revived in the future,
>> after having undergone cryonic suspension. It shows their relationship
>> evolve over time. A bittersweet story...*
>> http://www.recursor.tv/new/
> Thanks for the recommendation I enjoyed that. I'm not sure I'd go stir
> crazy like the hero did, I can usually find ways to amuse myself.
>  John K Clark
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