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> Just what is it that anyone here sees as good reasons to fight a major 
> war? Yes, you can come up with thousands of 'if'scenarios. I want 
> reasons that exist right now.  bill w

The conflict between the two main world-views characterised by (mainly, 
but not exclusively, and not strictly) these words:

Progressive, libertarian (as in "Social Libertarian" rather than the 
economic type. (I know that's a problematic word for americans)), 
pro-rationality, anti-superstition, curious, optimistic, tolerant, 
supportive of individual freedom of choice, happy.


Conservative, controlling, pro-superstition, anti-rationality, 
unquestioning, pessimistic, intolerant, dismissive of individual freedom 
of choice, angry.

I can't really see any compromise or common ground between these two 
general world-views, so they are, and probably always will be, at war. 
What form the war takes, though, is something that changes all the time. 
I don't think it will lead to a shooting war. At least not very often.

Ben Zaiboc

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