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10 or 20 years ago, I would have agreed with this. Now, it seems to me that
the camps are not defined as clearly. In particular, it is the
"progressives" who, more and more, are "intolerant, dismissive of
individual freedom of choice, angry." Regardless of labels, yes, those will
always be at war against those who are "tolerant, supportive of individual
freedom of choice, happy." As you say, let's hope this war won't take a
very nasty form soon, but I'm afraid the conditions are there.

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> Just what is it that anyone here sees as good reasons to fight a major
> war? Yes, you can come up with thousands of 'if'scenarios. I want reasons
> that exist right now.  bill w
> The conflict between the two main world-views characterised by (mainly,
> but not exclusively, and not strictly) these words:
> Progressive, libertarian (as in "Social Libertarian" rather than the
> economic type. (I know that's a problematic word for americans)),
> pro-rationality, anti-superstition, curious, optimistic, tolerant,
> supportive of individual freedom of choice, happy.
> vs.
> Conservative, controlling, pro-superstition, anti-rationality,
> unquestioning, pessimistic, intolerant, dismissive of individual freedom of
> choice, angry.
> I can't really see any compromise or common ground between these two
> general world-views, so they are, and probably always will be, at war. What
> form the war takes, though, is something that changes all the time. I don't
> think it will lead to a shooting war. At least not very often.
> Ben Zaiboc
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