[ExI] Which direction does the arrow of time point in Conway's Game of Life?

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>…Well thanks so much for blowing away my cosmic religion.  Everybody said that was a Big Bang, and now they changed their minds (or more likely, in a fit of pique, decided that the way to clean house for newer and different theories was to just decide that everyone in the past was a big dope).  Just can't get the data to fit, I suppose.  Why can't they just do what people in economics and psychology do - make up your own…


Bill, it is still a big bang.  That didn’t actually change: everything started from a point, the same point, which is why there is no center now, and ja that model has a kind of ugliness, but plenty of modern physics notions are that way.  To me it keeps pointing toward the notion that it is a mathematical abstraction rather than a physical thing, which keeps telling me this is all a big simulation.  


One can scarcely get any uglier than half-dead cats and a universe that splits every time a coin is tossed or an atom decays.  The famous double-slit experiment is simultaneously the height of beauty and the depth of ugly.  We’re sims.


>…  But thanks to John, I finally have an appropriate name for my house:  Larger Entropy…


Might I suggest Ever-larger Entropy, with a nod to the second law of thermodynamics.


>… (with more than one Fibber McGee's closets as special features -old radio show - in the intro Fibber refers to 'my big old fat wife..' Imagine that nowadays)…


Much of the humor from the olden days was flaming-hot politically incorrect.  The entertainment industry is having a hell of a time figuring out how to do comedy without offending anyone.  Damned if I would want to be in that biz.  Anything you say or do will somehow be offensive to some.


Consider a recent Eddie Murphy interview in which he was talking about the 1980s.  Oh that guy made me laugh, he made the 80s such fun.  Now he is walking on eggshells even doing kinda harmless fun stuff like Mister Robinson’s Neighborhood:




That guy has talent.


>…If entropy continues to get larger…


Do let me assure you sir:




>…there may be a day when not even Martha can organize a two car funeral.


bill w



Bill, Mrs. McGee was Mollie.  But it is still a funny line, back from the days when comedy couples could have the wife as the dummy and the husband as the smart one.  I think the last example of that was Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.  After that, the husband has to be the dummy, in every case.  Otherwise we play into stereotypes, which is the new scarlet letter in comedy.  In the olden days it was adultery which was the big favorite sin.  Now, it’s stereotyping.  Big scarlet letter S.




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