[ExI] Mental Phenomena

Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Sun Jan 5 22:40:45 UTC 2020

Brent Allsop <brent.allsop at gmail.com> wrote:

 >When we experience red, there are lots of other physical memories and 
things computationally bound to that elemental redness, just as you 
pointed out.

No, I didn't. I was pointing out that 'elemental redness' literally 
doesn't mean anything, as far as I can see. You seem to think it does. 
Please explain that. Just that, without any of the other stuff. What do 
you mean by 'elemental redness'?

 >Also, even if this physical change in your pixel of awareness was a 
single neuron switching between firing with glutamate and glycene.

I know that the 'one neuron, one neurotransmitter' paradigm has recently 
been challenged, but as far as I know, if a glutaminergic neuron somehow 
started secreting glycene from the same synapses, then nothing would 
happen because the post-synaptic receptors wouldn't have glycine 
receptors, would they?

But in any case, as I keep saying, individual neurotransmitters are 

Another term I'm not sure about the meaning of, is 'pixel of awareness'.

Many of the things you say don't seem to relate to neuroscience at all, 
as far as I'm aware. It would help greatly if you could ground your 
ideas in what we actually know about how the brain works, then I might 
be able to make some sense of them.

Ben Zaiboc

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