[ExI] The Thirty Meter Telescope is now officially dead

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> You’re being extremely smug and self-righteous but what does it help?
You’re patting your back over being morally and intellectually better,
which you consider to be the same.

### Most likely I am smarter than the average anti-telescope protester,
there is nothing smug in noting it. Quite independently of that, I am also
morally superior to every single protester, since I do not condone lawless
violence, do not agree that simply feeling morally superior (as they feel
in their own mind) is a sufficient reason to violently intrude on the lives
of other citizens.

I see no reason to engage in ritual displays of fake humility on this list.

> That’s nice.
> But what is a SOLUTION to the issue at hand? What would you suggest? Do
you want the National Guard to patrol the mountain with tanks and give the
scientists armed escorts and have them live in fear of terrorist attacks?
Is that the solution to this problem? What do you suggest?

### I don't have much in the way of suggestions. Our side is weakened by
scruples and internal divisions. As enticing as it might feel, tanks
running our enemies off the mountain would be counterproductive.

However, ruthless mockery of these stone age arrogant fools might
eventually do the trick.
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