[ExI] The Thirty Meter Telescope is now officially dead

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> NONE OF US ARE AGREEING WITH THE MOB - we are attempting to *understand*
> the mob, something you seem incapable of doing.

### I think John understands the mob, it's not that difficult and it does
not matter. They are enemies, and the only reason it's important to
understand enemies is that it often makes it easier to defeat them.

Our enemies see themselves as underdogs fighting an empire, victims of
oppression, valiant defenders of mystic nationhood, brown people sticking
it to the white man. They could be defeated by feelings of shame, boredom,
sprinkled with a touch of anxiety and fear. Screaming loudspeakers, angry
counterprotesters getting in their faces, pushing and pushing and pushing,
twitter outrage mobs, constant lawfare. That might work. Pity the
astronomers are such wusses.
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