[ExI] your big chance

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Mon Jan 6 19:25:00 UTC 2020

On Mon, January 6, 2020 13:25, William Flynn Wallace via extropy-chat wrote:
> You are truly right, except that I am also a contrarian, so you have to be
> wrong.  About what I'll figure out later.  I just don't want assumptions
> made about me that pigeonhole me.

And yet... you did ask us (the list) to define you, label you, pigeonhole
you.   Maybe you are correct, "Contrarian" fits well here. :)

> So you meet someone and segue into politics.  The other person says
> something along of the lines of 'just what are you?'

You might offer "unaffiliated".    :)

My great-aunt told me, "We are a mixed-bag".  The longer I live the more
sense that makes.

Pigeonholing people is something folks are *really good at*.  Ummm,
they're really skilled at putting other folks into pigeonholes... not the
*correct* pigeonholes, though.  Crazy!

> May I suggest that we just stop using liberal or conservative or any other
> label?  Because for some of us on the list any statement with those words
> is likely not to fit.  It will be hard to do.  People against vaccines
> arouse a tendency in me to generalize and call them morons who don't hold
> a
> single correct view on anything.  The tendency to generalize is very hard
> to resist since that is the way our brains work.

I am in agreement.  Same with "Democrat" and "Republican"... those terms
have lost whatever meaning they may once have had and are now just

... so if you want a pigeonhole, how about this one:  You're a cranky old
white guy (isn't that just the kiss of death nowadays? ;) ) who lives in
the deep south of the USA (another nail in the coffin). and you're tired
of the "stupid" tail wagging the dog. (.. another nail?)

How objectionable it all is.  blecch.


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