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> I just don't want assumptions made about me that pigeonhole me.

There's nothing you can do to prevent that.

So you meet someone and segue into politics.  The other person says
> something along of the lines of 'just what are you?'  So you want me to
> launch into a dissertation of all my views and nuances thereof, which would
> take quite a while, since my view on abortion may seem at odds with my
> views on the economy or the military or or or.  ???

"My political beliefs don't fall neatly into any political party."

> May I suggest that we just stop using liberal or conservative or any other
> label?

Certainly "liberal" and "conservative" have outlived their usefulness. As a
libertarian (or anarchist or voluntaryist), qualifying them like "socially
liberal" and "fiscally conservative" helps a lot. "Libertarian" is a little
better, but no two libertarians are on exactly the same page.

Bottom line is that labels aren't perfect but they're necessary for quickly
identifying your beliefs to others, who don't necessarily want a super
detailed or accurate description of your beliefs.

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