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> I can't call myself a libertarian because I am in favor of some social
> programs.  I can't call myself a liberal because some of you think that
> liberals are for suppression/banning of hate speech, setting up
> safe zones where certain things may not be said, and are opposed to
> vaccines.  I am actually conservative on some issues. So - your big
> chance - what should I call myself?  What should you call me?

Welcome to the club Bill, I have the same problem. There are a basket of
issues that people have called liberal for some reason and another basket
they call conservative but it's often hard to figure out what those things
have in common. Why would somebody's position on suppression/banning of
hate speech have anything to do with their position on free trade? Why
would somebody's position on euthanasia have anything to do with how they
feel about sending more American soldiers to the mideast? What does a
position about banning end to end encryption have to do with increasing the
national debt? And Conservative is supposed to mean maintaining the status
quo but they want to change things regarding reproductive rights and the
separation of church and state, and there is a strong negative correlation
between political conservatism and environmental conservatism.

As for the anti vaccine people and the Hawaiian telescope protesters, they
belong in a third basket, the stupid basket.

> I am a liberal first and a libertarian second and a conservative third (a
> fairly distant third).

At one time I proudly called myself a libertarian but in 2016 the word
became contaminated, so like you I need a new word.

John K Clark
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