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Dan  it is clear to me that you do not understand 'consent of the
governed'   bil w

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> dan wrote   On the issue of libertarianism: Does anyone have a right to
> rule over anyone else? Does anyone have a duty to obey anyone else?
> You can go live in the woods.  But if you want to live among us, you have
> to follow the rules.
> That really sidesteps my questions. Does anyone have a right to rule you
> or anyone else isn’t a question about rules but about rulers. And it’s
> about a right to rule — not about living outside society. One can follow
> rules without saying someone or some group has a right to rule. A right to
> rule means that person or group has a just claim to telling you what to do
> regardless of any other considerations.
> Similarly, a duty to obey means you (or whoever has such a duty) must
> obey. Again, this isn’t about doing whatever you want — if you have no duty
> to obey a person or a group. You’d still be bound by other just claims. (Of
> course, no offense, but the fact that we’re having this libertarianism 101
> discussion here tells me you don’t know what libertarianism means or
> entails.)
> The key issue for me is this:  governing by the consent of the governed.
> If you don't consent, you will get into trouble with every aspect of the
> law, especially the tax people!   I don't like to be told what to do, and I
> don't like it that most politicians are corrupt.  But we keep electing the
> same old same old, and so we are just as corrupt, in a way, as they are.
> This is entirely a different matter. Let me try an analogy. There’s a
> crime boss in your neighborhood and the cops are paid off by him. Does he
> have right to rule over the neighborhood? Do the residents there have a
> duty to obey him (and his cronies)? No and no. However, in any run in with
> him (and his cronies) you might just do what he asks (depending on what
> that is). But this kind of compelled obedience doesn’t mean that he has a
> right to rule and you have a duty to obey. (If it did, then only dogged
> resistance would mean you don’t consent. Compelled consent isn’t consent.
> If you need another case, think of robbery or rape: the criminal offering a
> choice between compliance or extreme violence isn’t being consented to when
> their victim complies to avoid the violence.)
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