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*> Does anyone have a right to rule you or anyone else isn’t a question
> about rules but about rulers. And it’s about a right to rule*

It's a objective fact that some people do in fact rule over other people
and have done so for all of written history, so the question of "rights"
must live in the subjective world. And in my subjective opinion rights
should be consistent with civilization not collapsing into chaos and bloody
violence. That's why, in light of the AI revolution and the turmoil it will
certainly produce, I've felt the need to moderate my former rather extreme
libertarian views and support things I never would have just a few years
ago, such as universal basic income (like Finland already has) and
healthcare for all citizens (as every technologically advanced country in
the world already has EXCEPT for the USA).

As for rights that don't involve money (such as freedom of the press and
the right to put any drug I want into my body) my former libertarian (small
l) philosophy has needed far less radical change. By the way, I don't drink
and don't take happy pills and have never even smoked a marijuana
cigarette, but that's just my choice and in my subjective view you should
be free to do what you want.

John K Clark
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