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Or setting up a gas oven and testing.  I was quick to get out a match, when
I turned to the guy and asked:  is this safe?  He said, yes, it was safe,
as long as there was no leak.   bill w

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> > Re:  poverty.  After a divorce:  I have cooked a hamburger over pine
> straw.  Surprisingly good.  I have had the toilet water in my trailer
> freeze.  Out of propane and had no money to get more.
> >
> > Procedure:  get in bed with electric blanket.  Get up in the morning,
> run into the bathroom and turn on the shower hot water.  Do the usual.  Get
> dressed.  Open the door to 25 degrees in the house.  Am sweaty.  Run to the
> car, which has a plugged up heater core, (1965 Mustang, btw) so no heat,
> and drive seven miles to school.  It wasn't real poverty, of course, but I
> missed a payment at the bank and went to the president where I nearly
> chocked up explaining why I could not pay him this month.
> >
> > Not real poverty - but it was a taste of it.  bill w
> Reminds me of the question --
> 'What book has had the biggest effect on your life?'.
> Answer  --  The instruction manual for my microwave oven.
>                    Full of life-changing goodness.
> BillK
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