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> Re:  poverty.  After a divorce:  I have cooked a hamburger over pine straw.  Surprisingly good.  I have had the toilet water in my trailer freeze.  Out of propane and had no money to get more.
> Procedure:  get in bed with electric blanket.  Get up in the morning, run into the bathroom and turn on the shower hot water.  Do the usual.  Get dressed.  Open the door to 25 degrees in the house.  Am sweaty.  Run to the car, which has a plugged up heater core, (1965 Mustang, btw) so no heat, and drive seven miles to school.  It wasn't real poverty, of course, but I missed a payment at the bank and went to the president where I nearly chocked up explaining why I could not pay him this month.
> Not real poverty - but it was a taste of it.  bill w

Reminds me of the question --
'What book has had the biggest effect on your life?'.

Answer  --  The instruction manual for my microwave oven.
                   Full of life-changing goodness.


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