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>…As for addiction, I was addicted to heroin.  Been to numerous open-air drug markets and trap houses.  Never lived in those places, but I was there a lot.


>…The drug markets in particular were eye-opening.  Ever seen a line of heroin addicts lined up in broad daylight to get their fix?



Oh Jaysus.  Mercy, me lad.


I am AGIN it, I tells ya!  All of it, all forms of dope, everything, AGIN it!  Bad medicine it is.  Poison.  Toxic to mind, body and spirit.


OK so we have at least two who know something of the real world, and at least one who hopes he never has to see a line of addicts, for I would struggle to not stroll right up to whoever is doling out that dope and swat the bastard with a baseball bat.  





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