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Spike - why don't you get upset with alcohol and tobacco?



I do.  


I do not like breathing other peoples’ drug habits.  Fortunately for me, I don’t need to very much anymore: tobacco use has become very rare where I live.  It is less often than once a month I even see someone smoking and it has been at least a coupla years since I smelled tobacco smoke.


>…  They kill far, far more people than any illegal drugs do…


I agree.  


Currently a developer is wanting to put a lounge right across the street from my neighborhood.  We are fighting it, arguing that it doesn’t belong here, doesn’t fit in a residential area, particularly one right off a freeway exit.  Yahoos get off the freeway, slam a brew or two, or three, then get back on, take a nap and kill somebody.  Bad idea.  Take that elsewhere.  Take it far from my neighborhood.




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